A Tale Of Two Rivers: Journeys on the Karun & Santa Cruz Kickstarter Campaign

Help @tomsbiketrip and @leonmacarron to achieve their crowdfunding target and support indie filmmaking. Two filmmakers follow wilderness rivers through Iran and Patagonia. The unexpected stories they find couldn't be more timely.

Encuentro Internacional de Arte y Ecología #2

Joya: arte + ecología presents the second Encuentro Internacional de Arte y Ecología #2, a transdisciplinary symposium for those involved or concerned with environmental art, environmental science and environmental activism

Footwear for Travelling to Cover All Activities - Long Term Research

Getting footwear for travelling right isn't easy. Marketing tells you one thing, but your feet and experience may inform you otherwise.

Running in Vibram Fivefinger Treksport - Long Term Review

Fivefinger barefoot shoes were a controversial new player on the running and training shoe scene. I was attracted by their common sense return to the natural physiology of the body.

Year in Review 2014

Looking back over 2014 which was an important year for me as I work, explore and learn. 2014 took me from London to Andalucia in Spain, on to Georgia and then back to the UK.