Sun-Ringle Rhyno Lite Wheel Rims Long Term Adventure Cycling Review

The Sun-Ringle Rhyno Lite rim (my version built in 2007) is a heavy duty mountain bike rim. I researched these rims before leaving on my first bike tour in 2007. I had heard about them because they came recommended by some mountain biking friends in the York Uni bike club and from fellow guides when I worked as an mtb guide in Croatia. Pre 2007 they were on my radar as a rim that would survive practically anything you threw at it. They were even a bit over the top for UK riding.

How to buy a 125cc legal learner motorcycle

I recently decided to pass the CBT (Compulsory Bike Training). This is the test that everyone needs to take to progress to riding larger bikes. After you’ve completed your CBT, you can ride a moped or a motorbike up to 125cc on the road with L plates (L or D plates in Wales) until you pass your full motorcycle test.

The day involved some theory, introduction to the bike, bike checks, riding round a car park learning basic manoeuvring, signalling, gear changes, emergency stop and then 2 hours out on the road.

On-One Inbred (26 inch wheel version) Frame Review - My Thoughts on this Classic Steel Frame

The On One Inbred Frame is a steel mountain bike frame designed for British trail cross country riding. The frame is low cost but offers good value for the money. You can now get a 29er version of the frame. I first heard about the frame because some friends were racing it in a singlespeed competition circa 2003. You can get a sliding drop out version. The manufacturer (Planet X) is based in Sheffield so was local for me when I was living in York. With it being steel and having rack mounts, its a good candidate for an expedition touring bike or a bikepacking build.