My name is Andrew Welch. I'm a designer and entrepreneur from London. My practice involves inventing products and businesses, writing, making journeys and applying design and agile methods to real businesses and projects. My academic background is BSc Environment, Economics and Ecology from York and MA Design Critical Practice from Goldsmiths, London.

My main projects are Georiders - a mountain bike holiday company in Georgia. I am a consultant at Joya - Arte + Ecologia in Spain.

A secondary project is ‘Wandermap’ which is about city walking. It includes the Wilderness Open Guiding book and other tools for dérive making.

I have made some long journeys by bicycle about which I wrote 3 books including ‘Weave of the Ride’ - cycling from England to the Republic of Georgia and my experiences of living there.

Between Worlds chronicles my journey from Georgia to India, Nepal and Mongolia via Iran and Pakistan.

Prepare, Pack, Pedal is a practical guide to cycle touring. I also kept blogs about my travels which include gear reviews and how-to info about travelling by bike.

I am also a photographer and my practice is connected with my journey-making and walking.

I write critically. My interests are public/private space and human connection with land.

I write code and this polinates with my journey making.