5 of the Most Inspirational Fighters Profiles

Jonathan Brookins

Conor McGregor

Carlos Condit

Crosso Dry 60 Adventure Bicycle Touring Pannier Review

The Crosso Dry 60 is a set of bicycle panniers designed for adventure touring.

They have a sealed and welded closure to prevent against mud and water ingress. Rainstorms and being submerged (for example during a river crossing) will still have a hard time getting your stuff wet.

The roll top system is a commonly seen system in dry bags, proving more waterproof and durable that a zip.

10 of the best adventure films

Adventure films inspire and motivate. They show amazing landscapes, places and countries around the world. We get close to the character who has to overcome internal and external obstacles on their journey. Here are 10 of my favourites.

Touching the Void

Working as a developer and keeping healthy and balanced

I spend some of my time working as a developer programming websites. I do this not because I identify myself as a developer but because I enjoy programming and building systems.

The comedy show, The IT Crowd, portrays an image of a computer nerd - an average IT guy has sore eyes and a pale complexion and only gets up to get another coffee - at least if you believe the stereotype.

5 Great Podcasts to inspire, inform, motivate and broaden perception

Joe Rogan Experience #463 - Louis Theroux

Brian Rose | Ido Portal on London Real


The last in the series from my 'Directionality' booklet - philosophical writing on space and travel.

We are surrounded by

(but often impossible to see)

‘Appearances of worlds’


Bright light


Opaque walls

Empty facades

Stuffed full of things


Hard reality

Cheap to create

Unimaginably expensive

Designed to serve a temporary purpose

Permanence beyond human existence

Turn a profit

Free as in free

We live in them

How Can Travel Be Defined?

The nature of travel is more than simple movement. Unlike the ritual processes of movement that we undergo in our daily lives, the notion of travel encapsulates a rupture and a disruption from the routines of transition within the confines of a fixed, predictable world.

Doors, Keys, Dreams, Cities

Arriving at the Gare Du Nord, I hear the announcement over the Tannoy. I am here on a business trip. In the past I would have romantisced the act of travel itself, but now I am more concerned with how I see things, rather than where I am. I want to know what catches my attention and directs me so I can gain an understanding of how a place opens up to me in a particular way.


This post is from the archive. It was written in 2012 when I was lucky enough to have a lot of time to think deeply about many things due to studying a masters in Design - Critical Practice at Goldsmiths, University of London. In my case this course really did cause me to think and I do look back and really that experience was very important and special. Time and space to think deeply and focus without distraction is precious and rare because it has to be desired and the conditions have to be there for it at the same time. I created a booklet from a series of posts I wrote about space.

Fitness, movement, calisthenics research to maintain a high quality of life by moving your body

Basic guide to natural movement patterns.