RGS Explore 2015 - Event for Geography and Expeditions at the Royal Geographical Society

Explore is the Society's annual fieldwork and expedition planning weekend on 13-15 November at the Society's headquarters in London. With over 90 leading field scientists and explorers, make sure to book your place to gain inspiration, advice and contacts for your own field research project or expedition.

Videos to Discover Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Alex Garland's film Ex Machina is a startling and engaging film about a CEO of a huge search engine company who lives as a recluse and builds artificially intelligent robots by using data from search engine usage.

Demis Hassabis is the CEO of British company 'Deepmind' artificial intelligence company, acquired by Google in 2014.

5 Great Resources for Finding Places to go Mountain Biking in the UK

More Dirt

This website is basically a directory of mountain bike trails in the UK which can be searched for via a map. It also brings up a list of nearby accommodation. There are reviews, some information, a social network of riders, photos, maps, videos and some bike related additional resources such as classified ads. A good site for finding local trails and venturing further afield.

The Forestry Commission Website

10 Essential Tips for Getting the Most out of Fitness App Strava

Strava is a very cool app. I've found it motivates me to explore more and push myself.

Top 5 Useful Items of Mountain Biking Equipment

1.  A good bag. The Osprey Escapist 32 gives me enough space, whilst working as a bike guide to carry tools, spare tubes, repair kits, snacks, water, jacket, camera, knee guards, wallet, phone, back up battery. At a squeeze I could fit enough in it for an overnighter with a sleeping bag & bivvy.

5 of the Most Thought Provoking Books about the Environment

The Weather Makers

A series of essays about the consequences of global warming. It looks into the knock on effects of rising carbon dioxide levels such as changing weather patterns, desertification and conflict over resources. It also proposes solutions.

5 Videos on the Latest Developments in Sustainable Mobility

Elon Musk is becoming a well known tech engineer and entreprenuer. His company Tesla deals with solar energy, batteries and electric cars. Here is a video about the latest car model - the Model X.

Electric bikes are becoming more popular as technology improves and gets lighter and prices go down. Here is a report from Interbike 2015.

Should I Work for Free?

Conventionally a person gets a job, fulfils a task and then receives some money. Money is collected and used to spend on things. Boiled down this is the consumerist lifestyle.

Help the Neighbour

If a person goes to a neighbour and does some work to fix their car, but refuses to accept a pre specified amount of money then the person whose car has been fixed can choose to pay back the other person later with a comparable task, show gratitude, do nothing, offer their skills for free to someone else etc.

Interview with Traveller, Horseman, Shepherd and One Time Architect Andreas Knorr

Last year, in June, in Tbilisi, I was walking in ‘The Hippodrome’, which is a recreational area from Soviet times for shows and events. I decided to look in the derelict building.

The building, made from concrete and girders, about the size of a 7-a-side football pitch inside, was missing all its windows. As I heaved back the door and walked in there was an unusually fresh smell of horse manure.

7 Meditation Videos for Better Intuitive Decision Making 

There are many techniques for decision making that are based around list making and weighing up pros and cons, but this ‘left brain’ way of thinking misses out the other elements of the mind - the subconscious, ‘right brain’, intuitive processes.

These videos uses meditation to attempt to press pause on the conscious, everyday mind, thoughts and allow deeper images and thoughts to arise and be observed.

Update 1/11/15