Should I Work for Free?

Conventionally a person gets a job, fulfils a task and then receives some money. Money is collected and used to spend on things. Boiled down this is the consumerist lifestyle.

Help the Neighbour

If a person goes to a neighbour and does some work to fix their car, but refuses to accept a pre specified amount of money then the person whose car has been fixed can choose to pay back the other person later with a comparable task, show gratitude, do nothing, offer their skills for free to someone else etc.

Interview with Traveller, Horseman, Shepherd and One Time Architect Andreas Knorr

Last year, in June, in Tbilisi, I was walking in ‘The Hippodrome’, which is a recreational area from Soviet times for shows and events. I decided to look in the derelict building.

The building, made from concrete and girders, about the size of a 7-a-side football pitch inside, was missing all its windows. As I heaved back the door and walked in there was an unusually fresh smell of horse manure.

7 Meditation Videos for Better Intuitive Decision Making 

There are many techniques for decision making that are based around list making and weighing up pros and cons, but this ‘left brain’ way of thinking misses out the other elements of the mind - the subconscious, ‘right brain’, intuitive processes.

These videos uses meditation to attempt to press pause on the conscious, everyday mind, thoughts and allow deeper images and thoughts to arise and be observed.


How to find a memorable name for a new business, product or project to stand out from the rest

I’ve named a few of my creative outputs. Some of the names I’ve come up with have stuck around and some haven’t. I’m quite good at reeling off a load of name ideas. However, I’ve found that the names that involve a bit more thought are the strongest.

What is in a name?

A memorable name will get associated with a need when people will have it. It signifies an object or action without having to explain it. It is half way between a word and an image.

10 Motivational Videos to Uplift, Energise and Change Awareness

There are many videos on Youtube with inspirational content. Here is a selection I've put together for you. Video has a unique way of quickly altering your consciousness, overriding existing thoughts and feelings and replacing them with story communicated in the video.

Tips to Start Paddling in the UK to Explore a Huge Network of Waterways

  1. You’ll need a license. Members of British Canoeing and Canoe Wales who get Canal and River trust membership included.  BCU membership includes a licence to paddle on 5000km of Britain's navigations and canals and also third party liability insurance of up to £10 million.

5 Well Produced and Brilliant Podcasts to Challenge Preconceptions, Provoke Thought and Inspire Action

The Tim Ferriss Show

Author of the 4 Hour Work Week, and self-professed lifestyle hacker. Tim's methodical approach to learning and his talent for sharing his experience means he is someone that I follow regularly. In the last few years he has been producing a podcast where he interviews many interesting people.

Interesting Episodes:

How to buy a 125cc legal learner motorcycle

I recently decided to pass the CBT (Compulsory Bike Training). This is the test that everyone needs to take to progress to riding larger bikes. After you’ve completed your CBT, you can ride a moped or a motorbike up to 125cc on the road with L plates (L or D plates in Wales) until you pass your full motorcycle test.

The day involved some theory, introduction to the bike, bike checks, riding round a car park learning basic manoeuvring, signalling, gear changes, emergency stop and then 2 hours out on the road.

Beginner Investment Hacking for Improved Personal Financial Strategy and Awareness

I recently walked into a local high street bank interested in what investment options are available to the regular high street bank user. I was told that apart from ISAs (low rate of interest) the only other option was to have at least £50k and give it to a fund manager who would take a healthy fee and 'manage’ it for you.

10 Warmup and Training Fitness Videos For a More Effective Workout

These videos should help to inspire you to diversify the types of training and exercise you do. Personally I do a lot of running, cycling and martial arts and in my experience adding interval training and cross training greatly increases the effectiveness of a workout.