How to buy a 125cc legal learner motorcycle

I recently decided to pass the CBT (Compulsory Bike Training). This is the test that everyone needs to take to progress to riding larger bikes. After you’ve completed your CBT, you can ride a moped or a motorbike up to 125cc on the road with L plates (L or D plates in Wales) until you pass your full motorcycle test.

The day involved some theory, introduction to the bike, bike checks, riding round a car park learning basic manoeuvring, signalling, gear changes, emergency stop and then 2 hours out on the road.

Beginner Investment Hacking for Improved Personal Financial Strategy and Awareness

I recently walked into a local high street bank and interested in what investment options are available to the regular high street bank user. I was told that apart from ISAs which paid a terrible rate of interest the only other option was to have at least £50k and give it to a fund manager who would take a healthy fee and 'manage’ it for you.

In the last couple of years, I’ve been building up my knowledge. 

10 Warmup and Training Fitness Videos For a More Effective Workout

These videos should help to inspire you to diversify the types of training and exercise you do. Personally I do a lot of running, cycling and martial arts and in my experience adding interval training and cross training greatly increases the effectiveness of a workout.

Interview with Artist Andrew Ranville

Andrew Ranville is an artist who I met through the Royal Geographical Society Explore Weekend displaying his projects in the 'Communicating your Discoveries' area. His work is largely project based; location, landscape and object are the medium. Spanning installation, sculpture, film, photography, recordings and print his work explores architecture, environment, fieldwork, mapping and community. His aim is to trigger new awareness and perception in the encounter of the viewer with his work by way of a new path, surface, space or vantage point.

Most Common Questions Asked About Going Cycle Touring from Weave of The Ride

How much you spent in each country and how long you were there for?

It depended on where I was travelling. I lived very much on a shoe string. In European countries it could be 5 euros per day, but in India 5 Euros would be a very expensive day and I spent more like 2/3 Euros. Of course there were times when I was in a touristy area or decided to stay in a hostel or hotel for a night after a couple of weeks of camping. In Europe over 7.5 months I spent £3,500 pounds.

A Tale Of Two Rivers: Journeys on the Karun & Santa Cruz Kickstarter Campaign

Help @tomsbiketrip and @leonmacarron to achieve their crowdfunding target and support indie filmmaking. Two filmmakers follow wilderness rivers through Iran and Patagonia. The unexpected stories they find couldn't be more timely.

Encuentro Internacional de Arte y Ecología #2

Joya: arte + ecología presents the second Encuentro Internacional de Arte y Ecología #2, a transdisciplinary symposium for those involved or concerned with environmental art, environmental science and environmental activism

Footwear for Travelling and Multiple Activities - Long Term Research

When it comes to footwear, wisdom wins over extreme preparation unless you are really doing something severe or will be doing the same activity for ages (or specialist activity).

I have done a bit of travelling and therefore I’ve had some time to test out different types of footwear and I’ve learnt through the experience.

Running in Vibram Fivefinger Treksport - Long Term Review

Fivefinger barefoot shoes were a controversial new player on the running and training shoe scene. I was attracted by their common sense return to the natural physiology of the body.

Bicycle Touring: A Reliable Setup

If you’re considering going on a bicycle tour, don’t leave home without this essential gear.

Despite the fairly low profile of bicycle touring, potential tourers are faced with a considerable range of options when gearing up.

Photo by likeablerodent on flickr

Depending on your budget, you can go cheap or spend your life savings. Described here is a mid-priced touring set up.