10 Things Writing a Book Means to Me

  1. I have done something interesting enough to write about and written about it.
  2. Achieved a significant goal and produced a finished product.
  3. It means a great deal to share a story because Weave of the Ride has the potential to inspire and create action in readers.
  4. I have learnt what it takes to construct a book and publish it independently.
  5. It was a labour of love. There was no external reason for writing the book!
  6. I collaborated with others, like Pete Moffat who designed the fantastic cover and got and insight into his process.
  7. I can draw on the discipline that produced the book.
  8. I still have the story of the route to India to tell and that creates excitement in terms of what I will rediscover and learn from the process.
  9. I am responsible for this story.
  10. I have a lot more work to do to promote the book!
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