How to Publish an Ebook

Publishing an ebook is a great way to get your writing out there. You can potentially make some money if you have a following or are willing to create one especially if you have something remarkable to offer.

Write something awesome

  • You need to have something to write about.
  • It needs to be worth writing about - e.g. it is valuable, you know about it and people want to read it.
  • Structure your book with an intro and chapters.
  • Consider co-writing to keep your ideas and writing on point.
  • Consider the type of layout for the book you are making - e.g. a novel may be purely text focused, where some non-fiction books have images and other kinds of content. If in doubt keep it simple.

Design and layout to set off your content

  • Get a professional cover designed.
  • Get a professional editor.
  • If you have existing contracts for your books, and /or have been published in the past, check you have the rights before you publish.
  • Look into Kindle Direct Publish (, Kobo, Smashwords (allows you access to iBookstore, Nook), Bookbaby is paid and offers packages to format and distribute your book.

Get your work out to the masses

  • Format your book with Pandoc to create an ePub, convert it to .mobi with Kindlegen.
  • Most independent authors make more profit from ebooks so stick to ebooks unless you have a special reason.
  • DIY option - LightningSource. easier DIY option - CreateSpace.
  • for DIY self-printing.
  • Market your ebook through social media, mailing list.

The main thing to remember is create a remarkable book.

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