top 5 multi fuel camping stoves

MSR DragonFly Stove

MSR DragonFly Stove

The MSR DragonFly Stove is a multi fuel stove which can burn any liquid fuel including diesel.

Feature / benefits

  • Dual-valve for precision, simmer-to-boil control.
  • Extra Wide Pot Supports - hold up to 10" maximum diameter pots or fry pans for group cooking.
  • Multi-Fuel: Burns white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto fuel, diesel, and jet fuel for versatility.
  • Compact: Folds to 1/3 of its working size for easy storage.
  • Efficient: Suspended burner cup enables the stove to burn hot and strong while reducing heat lost to the ground.
  • Field Maintainable: Shaker Jet™ technology and smart engineering allow complete cleaning and maintenance in the field.

I used this stove cycle touring through Eurasia. It worked well even with poor quality fuel. The wind shield disintegrated with use.

Trangia Multi Fuel Burner

Trangia Multi Fuel Burner

Features / benefits

  • Supplied with a fuel bottle, pump, service tool and 2 jet nipples.
  • Powerful for fast cooking
  • Burns a variety of fuels including White gas and Petrol, with the 0.32mm jet, plus kerosene or diesel with the 0.28mm jet.
  • Easily regulated once lit for versatile cooking.
  • Unit is supplied with it's own storage bag.
  • Lightweight: 0.525kg

I used the Trangia Multi Fuel Burner for cycle touring across Eurasia. I built a stand for it as the burner doesn't come with a stand. It was very reliable even without being able to maintain it as much as I would have liked.

Primus OmniFuel Stove

Primus Omnifuel Stove

Features / benefits

  • Works with LP gas, petrol, diesel, kerosene and aviation fuel - versatile.
  • Separate control knob provides adjustment.
  • Sturdy build construction.
  • Fuel bottle included for portable fuel storage.
  • Multi-tool with integrated cleaning needle for easy cleaning.
  • Nylon stuff sac.
  • Weight: 441g.
  • Fast cooking times 1 litre boil time 3mins.

The Primus OmniFuel Stove is little bit more expensive, but comes highly recommended. I have not tested this stove.

Edelrid Hexon Multifuel Stove

One of the lightest options available.

Features / benefits

  • 220g - one of the world's lightest stoves
  • Compatible with gas, petrol and kerosene.
  • Foldable feet that provide the pot stand and give it a stable base on the ground and for the pot.
  • Simple and rugged design allows for easy use.
  • Fuel pump is claimed useable at all temperatures
  • Addition of Edelrid Tradapter (not included), the Hexon is suitable for all storm cooking.
  • Comes with fuel bottle, pump, tool set and transport bag.
  • Output: 3000W
  • Consumption: 80-240g/h
  • Cooking time: 3.1 min per litre

I've not tested this stove but the light weight and performance make the Edelrid Hexon Multifuel Stove a contender.

Go Systems Gemini Extreme

The budget option, still a reliable unit and burns gas with an adaptor.

  • Comes complete with pump, with non-return valve.
  • Comes with 0.5 ltr Fuel Bottle.
  • Burns many liquid fuels as well as gas from a remote GoSystem EN417 gas cartridge.
  • A sharp agitation of the stove cleans the jet and ensures that the heating tube (generator) works efficiently & performance maintained.
  • As the others, it features precision flame control.
  • Burner protecting windshield.
  • The linked fold in serrated pan supports & legs.
  • Comes complete with maintenance kit and carry/storage stuff sack.

I've not tested this unit.

Other outliers


There are many options out there for multi-fuel stoves. This piece of gear is highly versatile and brings plenty of new options for cooking on the road.

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