YETI ODI Lock-on Mountain Bike Grips Review

Grips are an oft overlooked but important part of a bike set up. One of the main contact points on a bike. Some of the body weight is distributed onto the hands, palms and wrists - more if pedalling out of the saddle. The grips have an affect on the amount of control over the bike. There are many grip designs available - the can be separated into old school round, tube grips and anatomical moulded grips that are meant to provide more support at pressure point hotspots. ODI grips create grips for a range of sports from MX to MTB. They claim to be the first to offer a 'lock on' grip, which means at each end of the grip tube there is an aluminium ring that is tightened to fix the grip onto the handlebars.

Yeti ODI Grips


What ODI Say:

The legend of Yeti continues with the Yeti Lock-On Grip designed to provide equal parts comfort and control.

How I Used them

I used these grips for cycle touring and mountain biking. I was lucky to be provided with a number of free pairs by ODI for testing.


  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Don't slip
  • Comfortable grip
  • Soft but durable rubber
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to turn around once one area wears out
  • Look great
  • Simple but effective design
  • Long standing design
  • Aluminium ring and end caps protect your handlebars


  • Sometime found myself leaning on the aluminium ring
  • When hot transferred black rubber onto your hands / gloves
  • Expensive for grips


Grips are important. I would recommend trying a few different styles and change them if you start having discomfort.

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