Mountain Biking in Georgia Video Edits - GoPro / iPhone

Between 2009 - 2015 I spent time on a project to offer mountain bike tours in Georgia called Georiders. I didn't get around to creating these videos from some of the footage shot, mainly because I found there wasn't a bit of software out there that just let me create little videos on the fly. GoPro's studio software is available as a free download and you can use it to edit not only GoPro footage but footage filmed with other devices. [If your footage doesn't import properly you can also use software called Handbrake to change the format]( I'm no professional filmmaker but I it annoys me having footage kicking around on a harddrive with nothing done to it. Here are a couple of edits of footage shot mountain biking in Georgia in 2014/2015 running tours and riding the local trails.

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