Dealing with The Dilemma of Making Travel Destination Decisions

Making decisions about where to travel when on the road should be a spontaneous decision but when you throw visa regulations and bureacracy into the mix its not always that simple. My advice to you is draw up a comparison matrix, mark each possible option out of 10 for cost, vision, ease, environmental friendliness, fun and then trust your intuition. 

I found out the hard way when I found myself in Delhi with a no-fly policy, a closed Tibet border, a fast running-out Indian visa, a rejected Iran visa application, and a border to China that didn't option for months, along with a girlfriend and cultural intrigue pulling me back to Georgia. Everything is a process and having experience of a place and a process allows you to see things with fresh eyes. 

Macho, ego says: 'what if you regret not continuing East?' My heart says: 'Go back to Georgia and then see what happens' My realistic head says how? - 3

Onward travel options: 1. Nepal, Tibet, China 2. Pakistan, Central Asia 3. Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Georgia 1. = Expensive, painful... 2. = Waiting until May to cross KHH and a whole bunch of (fairly easy to get) visas. 3. = Going back the same way seems strangely sensible (in a lateral thinking 'reversal' kind of way) - e.g. more photos, filming, different routes, following up on my post-travel-pak-iran thoughts.

I must admit I am very intrigued about Pak and Iran and I now view them with less crazed hysterical paranoia having been there once.

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