Reflecting on my Indian Travel in Bombay

I intended to get up again at 5 this morning like I did yesterday. However, unfortunately today there was no mosquito to bite me and make me feel a bit strange and thus like getting up. Only my alarm clock which I was able to ignore twice. Eventually at 8 I naturally woke up. I jumped out of my tent which is pitched in the flat to dodge the mosquitos (and prevent me from getting up).

I jumped straight in the shower and plunged myself under the cold tap. I checked the ingredients of a tube of shaving foam that I had to see if I could use it as hair shampoo. It had 2 types of soap - glycerin soap and normal soap, so I thought yeah why not. It smelt manly. A cold shower in the morning is a mixed blessing. I'm still not sure I like it. I actually crouch under the cold tap, pigeons cooing and flapping around by the window sill. And the sound of Bombay waking up (loud).

Coffee goes on and I think about the day. In fact my first thoughts are ones of joy and reassurance that I am making the right decision to head back from my current location to Georgia via either by the route I came or Nepal, Tibet and Central Asia. I've put a lot of thought into this. It is a good sign for me if I am enthusiastic about it in the morning because my brain has been pondering it through the night. In fact, I had the same feelings yesterday in the morning but not as strong, so the idea is growing on me.

To celebrate this I decided to sit with my coffee and come up with as many ideas as possible to raise funds for project Ride Earth using my recently rediscovered lateral thinking skills. I do pretty well at around 100 ideas in about a 45 minute period. I have many ideas about things to do when I get back to Georgia also. I then give the flat keys to Naveed, head down the escalator closing the 2 doors behind me because of it's old style (and then opening them again to get out- obviously, once I reached the ground floor).

On the way down the lift a long leaf or blade of a plant is protruding from one of the floors and alarms me as it passes into the lift compartment and then away. I enquire about a post office and take a rickshaw there, then post a letter. I ask a young looking man who speaks English to me about an Internet cafe. He directs me to Ashish Internet cafe on the second left back along the street.

That's where I am now. I've been here for 156 mins and it's costing 55 rupees. I've been reading the responses to my posts on Lonely Planet, finding out I can go from India, Nepal, Tibet, China and exit to another country but I have to do it within 15 days. I'm just confirming whether its a requirement to have a guide we me at all times in Tibet. I have been investigating stock photography websites, reading about my friend David Klein's mountain climbing expeditions and looking at photos of him. His writing style inspired me to write this post for some reason.

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