My photographic practice began in 2007 when I bought my first proper camera- Nikon DLSR D40x. I bought it in order to take photos on my cycling journey around the world. I learnt about photography by taking photographs. I take photographs and then afterwards I look at the narratives and categories that have emerged.

The kinds of things that emerge in my photos:

The kinds of stories that emerged in my photos:

The kinds of places that emerge in my photos:

  • Buildings
  • Interior Spaces
  • Architectural features
  • In between spaces

In my travel photography kinds of stories that emerge:

Exploration of physical spaces / places / landscapes – e.g. Senaki hot springs, Georgia Ethnographic practices, local cultural practices – e.g. taking out of wine from the ground in family home in Georgia and supra. Local political happenings – e.g. protests

They are enacted through the form of:

  • Travel
  • Walks (or drifts) with or without specific foci Specific events