Why is Bicycle Touring the Best Way to Travel Through Europe?

Reasons for:

  • Its cheaper than public transport
  • You get fit whilst you are travelling
  • Europe is very diverse so you get to see a a lot of variety of places and people

Reasons against:

  • You want to visit only cities
  • You don't have a lot of time
  • You don't like rain if you intend to travel in the winter
  • It can be expensive. 
  • Cost is a factor in Europe. It can be more expensive depending on how you choose to spend your budget
  • Camping is really easy

What do you need

  • You need some minimal bicycle repair knowledge
  • You need to ride a bike loaded with luggage
  • Make sure you have enough cash before you leave

Once you leave

  • You can go wherever you want at whatever speed you choose
  • You will spend less by organising your own trip
  • Choose wisely the people you travel with- make sure they are fun
  • Accept invitations

Determine your budget

  • Decided which countries to visit
  • Have a loose itinerary of places to visit
  • Buy a bike and minimal gear, clothes and panniers to put the stuff in
  • Think about what you likely daily distance will be
  • If you need to book transport to and from your start and end points do that
  • Do some minimal research into accommodation possibilities
  • Otherwise, play it by ear


  • If you speak English then often many people in Europe will speak the language. Otherwise, you can get some good iPhone apps with phrase books on them,and you can get by on the basics or just with gestures if necessary.


  • The geography in Europe is variable from the flat lands of the Netherlands to the mountains of the Alps, respectively you will put in good distance in the former and get really fit and go slow for the latter.


  • Europe's weather is variable due to its range of geographies. If you are looking for sun you will be better off heading south round the Mediterranean.


  • Europe is well known for its range of foods. Its a good way to splash your budget. Its possible to live cheaply by making your own sandwiches, buying bread, cheese and vegetables in local shops.

Please read my travel blog to get a feeling of what it is like to cycle through Europe or consider buying my book Weave of the Ride for my in-depth and (hopefully) entertaining account.

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