10 Essential Tips for Getting the Most out of Fitness App Strava

Strava is a very cool app. I've found it motivates me to explore more and push myself.

  1. Put your phone in airplane mode to make the battery last longer. The app doesn't need 3g or a phone signal to record your route.
  2. You don't need to stop your route when you stop. Strava will auto-pause and auto-restart for convenience and route continuity.
  3. Follow other people who ride similar routes to you to discover new routes.
  4. Strava will add people you ride with to you activity if they also use Strava so you can remember who you rode with.
  5. Create new segments if you ride routes that don't have segments yet which will be stored in your created segments and can be edited later. Segments can be public and private.
  6. Join challenges for climbing, distance and themed competitions to have objectives to work towards.
  7. You can see in the leaderboard where you sit compared to others who rode the same sections as you. Each time you ride you can try to beat the overall record or your personal record.
  8. Log into the web app for more options than are available on the phone app.
  9. Vary your diet, types of exercise, when you ride, your gear and bike and see how it affects your time.
  10. Occasionally go out and do a ride without Strava :) and enjoy.
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