A Route Through India and Why Not to Use A Guidebook

Amritsar, through Punjab, Bathinda, to Bikaner in Rajasthan. Then down to Nagour, Jodhpur, and Mt Abu. Onto Gujarat to Amdavad, Surat, and down to Daman and then Bombay. From Bombay I left the bike and took the train with Fanny to Goa, then we went to Kannur in Kerala, Calicut, and Sultan Bathery near the Muthanga Wildlife Santuary. Onward to Mysore, then Hampi and Gokarna and back to Bombay.

Travel offers the potential for endlessly different routes. India is such a huge place and I opted to take a Lonely Planet with me so I could try to make some sense of of which went against my usual approach of making it up as I went along. Personally I would rather take this approach and I felt a pang of guilt taking the Lonely Planet as if I had made the decision to see the place as a series of 'options' of places to see as opposed to an open ended potential for serendipity. In hindsight, its an experience but I don't recommend guidebooks.

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