Thought about Architecture in Tbilisi whilst Cycling

I went for a road ride to Manglisi and I biked to the Sholevi Monastery "Monk's Pool" near Mkstreta. On the way out of the city I thought about the architectural and infrastructural differences between Tbilisi and London. Pavements are in disrepair. Buildings are crumbling. There is a milieu of former Soviet structures in various states of completion.

It made me think about something I had read by Ian Sinclair about when there is a "Grand Plan" for a place and that it seems to fail. It also made me think about a book I read, I forget which, which talked about how architects used to design buildings and spaces looking down on the population from above like ants. How architecture and design is thrust upon normal people rather than emerging around them.

It made me think about how Tbilisi still exists as a city, but the city is mainly the people. This was clear in a place where there were gaps in the built infrastructure.

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