Weave of the Ride - A Book About Cycle Touring Across Europe

The malaise of our early twenties affects us all in different ways, but Andy Welch, bored of the office trample, came up with a way of breaking out and hitting a trail of adventure. With his best friend, he decides to cycle around the world and follow the horizon to the end. After a year of preparation, with no experience of travelling or any idea of what to expect, they wobbled off together following the compass from their hometown for a journey of a lifetime which no planning could have prepared them for.

Hitting the mountains of Armenia and the wild urban dust of Bucharest; the brooding Black Sea Coastline and the vibrant energy of Tbilisi; the duo experienced the world in ways completely fresh and alien to the path they were on. Two friends wanted to change their lives; they couldn't have changed them more. 'Weave of the Ride' is a tale of friendship, disaster, love, and self-transformation, by bicycle, set against the backdrop of a world of friendly strangers, strange weather, wild dog attacks, and a tapestry of rich local culture and hospitality.

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Booking name process

  • Slow Quest
  • Where On Earth is Sakartvelo?
  • Lightning on the Plains
  • What Happened on a Journey
  • The Weave of the Ride
  • Slow Road Ahead
  • The Slow Road.
  • The Thoughts That Lead Me
  • The Way Per Se
  • The Red Air
  • You Can Go Your Own Way
  • Leap the Branches
  • A Revolution of Revolutions

book naming process

Previous names that were out:

  • A Cycling Process
  • A Way of Learning
  • The Unpredictability of Life and the Weather.
  • Truly Valuable Journey
  • Search for Real Value
  • Valued Experience
  • A Way of Learning
  • Not a fast ride