Will I Get My Bicycle Back From War-Torn Georgia?

Right now, I (Andy) am sitting in the garden of my girlfriend's house in France. I've just realised that one mosquito has bitten me on my neck, elbow and leg which is why I've been furiously scratching. I've just received my new trailer which I will look forward to using when I get the opportunity to go cycle touring again.

I'm not holding my breath about getting back to my bike in Tbilisi in Georgia because the main highway west to east is still being patrolled by Russian tanks and the situation in the country is fragile. When I left Georgia to make a visit to see my family (by public transport - buses and trains - a good experience - it took 5 days to get from Georgia to London), get a visa and visit my girlfriend I had no idea that a war was about to start.

I think there is hope. Monitoring the diplomatic situation through the media it seems that most countries would rather not resort to a 'cold war' situation, including Russia. I'd rather hear that diplomats are meeting to talk rather than that the situation boil down to warfare again. Working differences out through talking is difficult because it takes wisedom, intelligence, patience and a real desire for a peaceful and progressive outcome. Have the leaders involved got what it takes to achieve this?

The Pankisi Gorge, Georgia


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