The Best Places to Visit in the World: Adventure Research

I started this post in 2010/11.


Peak District

  • The Roaches, Staffordshire



  • The Gower peninsula
  • Pembrokeshire
  • Pony-Nedd-Fechan


  • Barafundle bay

Lake District




Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Tarifa, Azores.


Morocco, Senegal.

Adventure ideas

  • Sail somewhere (potentially build / refurbish boat).
  • Mountain bike the Great Divide mountain bike route.
  • Travel by bike and on foot in South America.
  • Cycle to Scandanavia and do an extended cross country ski trip.
  • Foot / cycle in North West Africa and visit the proper desert.
  • Mountain biking in Canada.
  • Mountain biking in Georgia.
  • Walk in Iran.
  • Eat delicious food in S.East Asia.
  • Be like Robinson Crusoe on a desert island.

City based

  • Catch the train outside of London for a mountain bike ride - e.g. Aston Hill.
  • Psychogeographic city exploration and documentation.
  • Night cycling in the city.
  • Exploring the city's parks for mountain biking / running.
  • Rowing / swimming in the various lakes / lidos / Thames.
  • GPS games in the city.

Short bike tours

  • Weekender down to Brighton by bike.
  • Weekender over to Amsterdam by bike.


  • Swimming
  • Sailing
  • Walking
  • Windsurfing
  • Human powered vehicle
  • Alternative type of bike - e.g. recumbent, trike or tandem
  • Ski / polar
  • Kite surfing
  • Hitchhike

Microadventures done

  • Cycled to Sevenoaks from London
  • Walking around Box Hill
  • Cycling to Brighton
  • London based 'Wandering'
  • Cycling home to Leicester from London
  • Dunwich Dynamo
  • Walk between all the zone 1 tube stations in 24 ohurs
  • Mountain biking the Surrey Hills (Leith Hill)
  • Kitesurfing at Camber Sands
  • Walking the Ring of Kerry
  • Walking on Exmoor
  • Cycling the South West Coast Path
  • Cycling to Ireland
  • Mountain biking in Afan, Wales
  • Walking Wales
  • Swimming in Cairns / mountain biking North Face trail in Lake District
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