Buying a new bike versus building your own bike from scratch

If you have been a cyclist for awhile then you will have built a certain amount of knowledge about bikes bike repair and so forth. I always find myself having a dilemma between buying a new bike or building a bike from parts. These days you see a lot of bikes which are hybrids in terms of design. For example I recently saw range of bikes from Shand. It had mountain bike tires. Even though it had dropped bars like a road bike.

When I look at bike like that then it makes me think that buying a bike off-the-peg seem silly because this is not a tried and tested design by any means it is more of an experiment or a fad. However if I think about mountain bike designs there is very little that separates them. So therefore if I think about the bike manufacturers it make sense for them to try creating a weird hybrid bike because it stands out from the competition. Therefore it is likely to get noticed and someone with some spare cash might buy it.

It also make sense if an adventurer takes one of these strange new designs and puts it through its paces on a long endurance race or some big adventure then that can demonstrate the performance of the bike. Even though the bike is a new design it is kind of more about a unique experience compared to refining a tried and tested design. These days people could likely to be looking for a new and unique experience. This could be down to the number of reasons. Perhaps people have not much time and would rather have a unique experience compared to something else.

I’m attracted to building a bike from scratch as opposed to by one off-the-peg. My knowledge of bikes is such that I could easily pick a range of components that I would need and build the bike up myself. I have all the tools required to do this. The issue is that I don't necessarily have the time or inclination to build a bike up from components. I don't have the time or the desire to search for and buy all the necessary components. I don't really want to pay a huge premium for the pleasure of choosing a bespoke set of components either.

I could envisage some kind of service that allowed you to request a series of objects or products e.g. in this case by components that you required and the service word automatically find a series of sellers who were selling all of these things and compile it all into one transaction. Wouldn't that be great.

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