10 Thing I Learnt From Writing A Book So You Can Write Your Own

  1. Get into the habit of writing every day.
  2. Write with the audience in mind.
  3. After writing the draft manuscript, let it sit; come back to it after some time with fresh eyes.
  4. Get your ideas down and then edit them. Don't actually do any 'writing' (for those with writer's block).
  5. Going over the experiences that you are writing about provides huge personal value. The story will evolve from the 'actual' events.
  6. Writing meta descriptions of chapters can be useful for restructuring and understanding the flow of the story.
  7. Writing, reading, editing (and self-publishing) are a huge investment of time and energy so be prepared to be in for the long haul.
  8. Getting second opinions and hiring a proof reader and editor is very useful.
  9. Over-analysing and over-editing will gradually kill the story.
  10. Having others give feedback on the book is an extremely useful process and very rewarding!
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