3 handpicked moments from the Weave of The Ride

From 'Frozen Lands' Chapter 60

We departed at sunrise the following day. The bitterly cold air became gradually less polluted as we cycled along the Mtkvari river and out of the city. The snow and ice-laden ground reminded me that we still didn't have winter sleeping bags. I hoped we would find a warm place to stay.

From 'A Typical Turkish Town' Chapter 38

A baker gestured us to stop at his bakery and we watched him baking bread. He strung out and plaited a lump of dough and then placed it in the cavern-like clay oven on a tray with a long handle. Soon we were salivating at the aroma of freshly baked bread. It was slightly crisply on the outside with a soft and fluffy inside. It was delicious: better than French bread.

From 'Tbilisi New Year's Eve: 7.5 Months on the Road' Chapter 55

A party was on the cards and we piled out into the snow and into a white Lada Niva 4x4, the car of choice for the ice-covered roads of Tbilisi. Vincent played some Georgian music on the radio and started singing along. We headed to the embassy to pick up Sylvester. Aurelien stopped the car in the middle of the road and turned up the radio. Vincent got out with his long black coat, black beret, and scarf and started twirling about in the freshly falling snow, his arms stretched out beside him, clapping and dancing.


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