Cycle Touring through Nepal - A Photo Essay

Unfortunately this post got corrupted so I still need to put the photos back with the captions. Coming soon...

  • Pondering the map before setting off on the road in Nepal.
  • A mosquito is interested in reading my diary.
  • Stunning statues at a temple along a busy street in Kathmandu.
  • Some friendly street children pose for the camera.
  • An impressive tree in the botanical gardens in Daman in the Himalayan foothills.
  • The peaks of the himalaya seen from Daman floating above the haze.
  • A tea maker in a roadside restaurant eyes me with curiousity.
  • An old lady carries an incredible about on her back. Its so incomparable to the western where such effort is avoided. Here it is necessity.
  • I was cooking my dinner and this bus went past with workers going home for the evening.
  • Picking up some supplies by the roadside I met these children who looked like they were preparing for a halloween party with their vampire teeth.
  • Above a deep river valley on the descent down to the terai.
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