Diadora X-Country MTB Shoes

I've owned these shoes since 2011. I'm still using them in 2018 (with some hacks to stop them falling apart). I know I should replace these shoes but I'm only using them for commuting and they just need to do the job.

I felt I should tell the story of these shoes because of my love hate relationship with them and the hacks I've used to keep them going.

Full story coming shortly.

I bought these shoes over 7 years ago. I bought them when I was mainly doing road biking living in London. When I say road biking I mean more commuting in the town. I also have my mountain bike what are used for trips out to the Surrey Hills. I wanted a pair of which were light and I could still walk in them. that is the problem with a lot of Road shoes as they have no grip and they have a brittle posed soul.

So I looked on chainreactioncycles and I came across these shoes which were on a good discount. Half size turn 1/2 on the wide fit. these were an absolute perfect Fit. To be honest it took me quite a long time to get happy with the cleat position but this isn't anything unusual for me. Full

What the company says about the shoe

What another expert says about the shoe

What I say about the shoe

The shoe is white with a black soul. the upper is made from a synthetic material a bit like like a felt material covered in a plastic coating it has breathing holes in it so it's not fully waterproof the tongue is thin and fixing is done with a ratchet strap mechanism and a velcro mechanism. Soul is chunky with mainly long bits of rubber down the side the shape is would like a racing style shoe than it is like a normal skateboard shoe for example. There are also two places where you can add studs

Fear is good when you have attacked at the just at them properly there is a voice stable.

Pics of the shoe meant that I think that they flex a bit too much in the centre of the shoe for my liking. For example recently I got some RCZ Shimano road shoes and they are a lot stiffer. However having said that they you are as well.


Good fats Wider fit Very durable Quite lightweight Comfortable Adjustment


The plastic underside of the shoe where you attach the clip could be more durable The soul did come detached from the main part of the shoe after a while so the glue could be better. However it took about 4 years for this to happen They are not waterproof Your feet can get a bit cold in the winter If you wear thick socks with them spans the size of the shoe


I was impressed with the issues due to how long they have lasted. They are now old and you can't buy this model anymore however there are other models similar. There are quite often threads on forums about which mountain bike shoes are good for people with wide feet. I would recommend these shoes for people with wide feet.

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