How to Choose a Saddle

A saddle can make or break a bike riding experience. The convention view that a big, gel saddle is the most comfortable is counter intuitive. There are many different types of saddles in many materials, shapes and sizes. Here are some tips for choosing the right saddle.

  • Its largely down to taste
  • You need to buy the saddle before you can give it a decent test
  • Narrower saddles generally lend themselves to more forward-leaning agressive riding styles
  • Wider cushier "tractor seats" are better for upright riding
  • Harder saddles are okay if you'll be wearing cycling shorts or bibs which provide their own padding, but you'll want a little cushion if you're riding in jeans
  • Softer saddles for shorter rides, harder ones for longer rides
  • Width to match your sit bones plus about 2cm.

Thanks to PeteHMar on bikes stackexchange.

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