Late Night Lightroom - Caucasus

Aurelian on the Guitar, knew how to sing and play some old French classics to the delight of anyone who happened to be around.

Big old Soviet cars like the Volga, a common site in Tbilisi at the time. Worked well in all weathers, but broke down often.

A fish seller on the road in Georgia, with the catch of the day. Drunk of course and perhaps more suited to theatrics then fish selling.

A power station in the middle of nowhere in Armenia driving on the way to a natural outdoors hot spa. Who knows if the spa was powered by the station?

A strange man met on the road cycling into  Tbilisi  in the middle of the night. He was riding a chopper bike.

Sunlight through grapevines against the window of my flat in Tbilisi in the morning.

A party before leaving in Yerevan with our friend here from LA. 

Lights from the balcony of the flat in Yerevan, glowing warm lights against blue and grey with long exposures.

Making my contribution to the underground tunnels of a resident of Yerevan.

Singing lessons. Accompanied by drinking.

Easter at Church. Everyone walks around the church holding candles.

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