Mongolia Photo Essay

Tom pedals through a stream at full speed.

Gnarly route down to the river for a dip and a wash.

Epic skies every evening.

That particular evening I watched a huge storm approach us only to be blown right past and descend onto the adjacent valley = lucky!

Unbelievable sight to wake up to camping next to Lake Hovsgul.

Pedalling across the Steppe. Fun at first, but grew tedious.

A man mends a 'Ural' Soviet motorbike complete with sidecar

Asking for directions from locals. Tom is non-to-pleased with the navigating and pretty cheesed off with the mosquitoes

Our first contact with a meandering Mongolian river- perfect for a wash and a dip.

The frame of a Mongolian Ger in the process of construction

On baby duty

We work with children and animals

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