My Daily Mountain Bike Guide Itinerary, Croatia, 2005

What I would say to guests when I worked as a mountain bike guide in Croatia in 2005:

  • Hi my name is Andrew Welch.
  • I am the mountain bike guide here.
  • I will be doing a harder ride in the morning at 7.30 am and an easy ride in the afternoon at 5pm.
  • I will also take a guided ride at 2.30 pm if needed.
  • Please sign up for the rides by putting your name on the boards.


  • You can go freeriding any time taking out the bikes and exploring, we provide all the kit- helmets, gloves, water bottle and a freeride pack with spares and tools.
  • You must be in at least a group of two and back by 5pm.
  • You must wear trainers whilst riding.
  • Any particular wishes or questions please ask me.
  • The riding here is great and the scenery is fantastic so youre onto a winner.
  • The bike shed is up the stairs and through the door to your right.
  • Thank you
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