Notes from Radio Interview in Tbilisi, Georgia 2009

These are notes from a radio interview I did in 2009, when I was living in Georgia.

Route so far:

  • iran - 1.5 month
  • pakistan - 3 weeks
  • india - 4.5 months
  • nepal - 2 weeks.
  • Problem with iran visa in new delhi so will come back overland to Georgia.
  • Fly back to Turkey and bus to Georgia.
  • Georgia April to July.
  • England 3.5 weeks.
  • France 2.5 weeks arrived back in Georgia last week.

Why back to Georgia?

  • Need to raise funds
  • Return to my girlfriend
  • Have a rest.


  • most friendly People always try to help me to find somewhere to stay.
  • wonderful food - rice, meat, 'chello kebab', chickpea and vegetable stew
  • Beautiful architecture - mosques and bridges of Isfahan.
  • Interesting insight into a country which is portrayed differently in the media.


  • poor
  • wild in the south desert part
  • friendly people but more weary and excited about seeing me
  • children would run after me and pose for a photo
  • Police escort for 1 week-men with guns with me everywhere I went
  • Music and food more like India
  • So different from Iran- very modern and urbanised cities in comparison.


  • wonderful food friendly people
  • people very curious- 50 people coming to look at me when I stop
  • Interesting historical sites - dilwari temple- mt abu- most intricate marble temple carvings
  • I slept in many temples
  • Each state is very different like different countries
  • My favourite for food was gujarat and the gujarati thali.

Nepal- Different to India

  • Poorer, mountain people
  • Mixture of cultures and religions-Hindu and buddhist mix
  • Feel the Tibetan and Chinese influences
  • Mountains are immense.

Tom- getting married in Armenia on the 19th. I'm the best man.


  • living in Georgia
  • making talks about climate change and promoting cycling
  • working to develop mountain biking in georgia with a website
  • Living with my girlfriend
  • writing up my first book of the travel from England to Georgia- a 7.5 month travel+ 7000 km.

How did I feel?

  • Sometimes lonely in desert roads in Iran - big open spaces.
  • I was paranoid about S.Iran and Pakistan but decided that nothing bad had happened for a long time and heard others had done it so I decided to go for and see what happened at the time.

What are you doing?

I am working making websites. I'm making one for a project called Open Maps Caucasus which is an open source mapping project at present. I am going mountain biking with Georgian friends. I am doing some mini-expeditions. We did one in the mountains in Khevsureti, in Georgia and one in Armenia.

I competed in a mountain bike race last week. There was 50 other participants. I participated in a recent critical mass bicycle demonstration on the streets of Tbilisi. Cycling has become much more popular in the last few years.

Future plans:

Next year I hope to do some more travelling, but I'm not set on exactly what. I am helping to provide a mountain bike guiding service. There is a lot of interest from tourists through our website . I might come back to Georgia and stay for the summer to help out with this. I also hope to do another long distance off-road mountain bike trip next year. I am heading back to the UK for Christmas to see my family.


I am slowly processing all the photos I took from previous travels into my best photos. The calendars available to view at, contain my best landscape and portrait photography. The proceeds of sales will go to the wilderness foundation ( The charity Tom and I have been raising money for with our adventures.

Why is Georgia so great?

It's a peaceful country, with friendly welcoming people. With a similar sense of humour to the British, I think. The food is fantastic and there are beautiful mountains and landscapes to visit

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