A photo essay of places that I have slept on my travels

In a forest in Georgia after a rave.

On a riverbed in Mongolia after pushing the bike 25km along it.

In a yurt in Mongolia.

Next to Lake Khuvsgul in Mongolia.

In a car park by a beach on the Atlantic coast of France.

In the Khevsureti region of Georgia.

In my flat in Tbilisi.

In a random forest in France.

In my flat in Tbilisi.

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With my Couchsurf hosts in Delhi.

At a police station in Nepal.

On the roof of a petrol station in Pokhara, Nepal.

In a forest in Nepal.

The  upstairs of a shop near Kathmandu, Nepal.

In a temple, near Delhi.

In a wooden shack in Gokarna, India.

In a temple in India near Surat.

On a roof in Jodhpur.

With the police near Jodhpur.

With a Couchsurf host in Isfahan.

With the Red Crescent in Iran.

Next to a motorway in Iran.

In a mosque in Yazd, Iran.

On an operating table with the Red Crescent, Iran.

In 'Hotel Deluxe' Quetta, Pakistan.

In the Akbar Guest house in Bam, Iran.

On a roof in Tehran.

In a mosque in Iran.

Next to a lake in Armenia.

In a forest in Armenia with a group of Estonian cycle tourists.

Another flat in Tbilisi.

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