Update from Tbilisi: Networking, Mountain Biking and Tilling the Ground

I am in Tbilisi, Georgia. I've been here since the beginning of June. The reason I came to Georgia was that I felt that I had a strong connection with the place. I also have been working hard for the last year and a half on a new business to provide mountain bike tours to tourists.

I had been in contact with some organisations with whom I had a shared interest in technologies such as agile planning, mapping and data advocacy.

I took an Irish guy on a mountain bike tour around Tbilisi taking in the local trails. Then for the following week I took two Australians on a six-day mountain bike tour to various places surrounding Tbilisi and further afield.

It was a great learning experience to take the tour because I was able to see what the guests desired and all of the logistical aspects of running a mountain bike tour.

I also had numerous meetings about how to promote the business, how to get tour operators, how to create new offers, and to generally refine the business.

I spent plenty of time watching the World Cup with my friends, took time to go hiking in the high mountains, visit Batumi and swim in mountain lakes.

I picked up a job as an English teacher in a summer school. This was an excellent experience because it meant that with my very intelligent students I covered a range of topics which not only helps the students to learn English but also allowed me to teach the subject matter as well, which included globalisation, technology, sustainable living, literature, sport etc.

I've had numerous meetings with NGO organisations and tried to catch up with as many people out there who are doing interesting things. 

Georgia seems to be a place, which attracts people who want to build projects of their own design and have the freedom of a country, which welcomes foreign interests and is agreeable to live.

I have another bike tour coming up in 10 days. It’s a challenge to balance work and its clear that I will need to develop new business plans to keep a few profitable irons in the fire- the agile planning being one of these.

It’s important to not get overwhelmed and to adjust goals accordingly as things change and its important to understand one's own capabilities and to be able to refocus projects if necessary.


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