Review of Tern Folding Bikes for Cycle Touring

Folding bikes offer additional flexibility as they can be packed up and put on a kayak or inflatable boat for example. Storage is the main benefit, although there is a philosophical angle behind the benefits of small wheels vs big wheels in terms of rolling resistance and weight. Here is a nice set up I was lucky to come across in Cornwall.

 Picture of the Tern Verge Tour from the product website

 Tech Spec

  • Front Spartan™ Rack and rear Tern Cargo Rack™ for hauling a load
  • Andros™ adjustable handlebar stem so you can find the most comfortable riding position during long days in the saddle
  • BioLogic PostPump™ for on-the-road maintenance and repairs
  • BioLogic Joule™ 3 electricity-generating hub and powerful wide-beam Valo™ 2 front light
  • Extreme gear range (22 – 117 gear inches) for loaded hill climbing
  • Frame lock seatstay bosses for convenient security
  • Folds in under 10 seconds to go on trains, planes, buses and boats

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What Tern Say about the Bike

Whether you’re on a long distance trek or your daily commute, the Verge Tour carries you and your load with sure-footed confidence. The mile-eating bike stands out from head to toe with front and rear racks, an extra-strong cromoly fork, elongated seatstays and ultra-wide 27-speed gearing.

 Video of the bike

My first impressions of the set up

  • Pannier racks for carrying luggage

  • Mudguards give protection to yourself and luggage from road spray
  • Small wheels roll fast

  • Hub gears are low maintenance

A built in lock is convenient for security when dipping in and out of a shop or cafe

  • The Ortlieb luggage is waterproof and reflective
  • A bar bag is convenient for wallet phone etc
  • Bar ends and ergonomic grips are comfy for longer journeys
  • A belt drive instead of a chain is more efficient and less prone to. Dirt
  • Durable and puncture resistant Schwalbe tyres

Avid BB7 brakes cable operated easy maintenance, powerful, don't wear the wheels out

  • Comfy leather Brooks saddle
  • Fold-up for convenience and access where you couldn't take a bike usually

The adjustable stem height is a convenient feature

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  • Small wheels not good for potholes
  • Smallframe suboptimal for long-distance
  • Ground clearance is less with small wheels

I've heard the pump inside the seatpost isn't very durable


This is a beautiful touring bike that also offers the extra versatility of folding

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  • These aren't my bikes. If they are yours, please get in touch. I photographed them in St. Mawes, Cornwall.
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