Useful links for going on a bicycle tour

Health tips

  • Staying Healthy On A Bike Tour
  • Tour Tips & tricks: Health
  • 10 ways to stay healthy on a bike tour
  • Boots Vaccination Advice
  • NHS Scotland Travel Health Advice

General Travel Information Sites

  • Foreign office travel advice
  • Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forum
  • Travel Stack Exchange

Visa information

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Visa Requirements the World Over Border-crossings
  • Land border crossings checklist
  • Border crossings tips from many sources


  • European Bike Routes &
  • A network of high-quality cycling routes that connect the whole continent -
  • An ad-hoc route through the Americas
  • A comprehensive resource of routes
  • The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route Cycle Touring Websites:
  • A well designed informative site
  • Long running and diverse site
  • Multi-contributor site
  • Hundreds of stories of trips to get inspired
  • Great design and plenty of photos
  • Accessible equipment advice
  • Specialist information
  • An excellent resource of further links


  • Pedalling to Hawaii: A Human Powered Adventure Across the Western Hemisphere - Stevie Smith
  • SAS Survival Guide - John 'Lofty' Wiseman
  • Moods of Future Joys - Alastair Humphreys
  • Sponsorship Seeker's Toolkit - Anne-Marie Grey and Kim Skildum-Reid
  • The Beckoning Silence - Joe Simpson
  • Off the Rails: Moscow to Beijing on Recumbent Bikes - Tim Cope and Chris Hatherly
  • Long Way Round - Ewan McGregor and Charey Boorman
  • Weave of the Ride - Andy Welch
  • The Hungry Cyclist Pedalling Americas In Search Of Perfect Meal - Tom Kevill Davies
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