Weave of the Ride: A tale told from two points of view

I was happy to have two blog posts written about Weave of the Ride. Tom Allen from tomsbiketrip.com and Alastair Humphreys (National Geographic Adventurer of the Year) wrote about the book and cite the value of a story that is shared from multiple perspectives. 

I quote from Alastair's blog:

This is all background to why I have really enjoyed reading two telling of the same tale. Tom Allen and Andy Welch set out together to try to cycle round the world. They have both written books about their experiences. I enjoyed the books and both of them make a useful addition to the canon of cycle touring literature. But the sum of the parts are greater than the individual parts. (A future idea for them, as both have self-published and thus retain all control, would be a print run of both books in one volume.)


But what particularly gripped me was the way two people not only see the same story differently, but also tell the story very differently.

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