What Should you Carry in a First Aid Kit for Cycle Touring?

I am going cycle touring and I am packing a first aid kit to take with me. What items are essential to have in there, and what items are 'extra’? I am thinking to take the usual: painkillers, fluid replacement, sterile swabs, cold medicines, anti-histamines, diarrhoea medicine. What else?

first aid kit

  • Micropore tape.
  • Depending on where you go, some water purification tabs might be in order and don't take much space.
  • First and foremost, a few spares of any medications you may need for conditions you have.
  • Gauze pads, tape, and antibiotic ointment for "road rash".
  • A few assorted adhesive bandages.
  • Hydrocortisone ointment, for insect bites and "butt burn".
  • Probably some aspirin or other OTC pain med/NSAID.
  • Some money and credit card.
  • Sunblock and insect repellant don't really count as "first aid" items, but you should have them, generally in a different location, for easy access and in case of leakage. You may also want ear plugs, if you'll be sleeping in tight quarters with other bikers, and snoring borthers you a lot.

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