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This website is written by Andrew Welch, started around 2005. Kept as a way to write, reflect and share experiences.

"The examined life is not worth living" - Socrates.

Travelling has been a big part of my experience hence I have written plenty about it. After cycling across the Highlands of Scotland in 2006, I decided to write up a journal of the trip which ended up being around 40,000 words. Then from 2007 onwards I went on a bike tour across Eurasia keeping a blog, shooting film footage and images. The process of documenting whilst travelling created a huge amount of content resulting in an ongoing editing process and requiring a system to process it all. Hence I also became interested in digital media and 'productivity'.

My bike travels lead me at some point to Tbilisi, Georgia. There I met some mountain bikers and we set up a community and tour operator called Georiders in 2009. I've studied a Masters in Design from Goldsmiths in London, been involved in an artist residency in Spain as an artist and technical coordinator, back and forth to Georgia mountain biking and work as contract web developer and designer for a range of clients.


  • Live an ethical, healthy lifestyle
  • Hack the system
  • Share knowledge

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