This website is written by Andrew Welch, started around 2005. Kept as a way to write, reflect and share, at first, travel experiences.

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About me

My bikes through the years!

Travel has been a big part of my experience hence I have written plenty about it. After I cycled with some mates across the Highlands of Scotland in 2006, I decided to write up a journal of the trip which ended up being around 40,000 words. This sparked a love for adventure and journal writing. From 2007 I went on a bike tour across Eurasia keeping a blog, shooting film footage and images. The process of documenting whilst travelling created a huge amount of content resulting an interest in digital media, editing and productivity. My bike travels lead me to Tbilisi, Georgia where I met some mountain bikers and we set up a community and tour operator called Georiders in 2009 (no longer operating). From 2010 I studied a Masters in Design from Goldsmiths in London and from 2014 was involved in an artist residency in Spain as an artist and technical coordinator. At present I work as a developer and designer for a range of clients. IT, computing and the Internet have long fascinated me and been my main source of income.


  • Live an ethical, healthy lifestyle
  • Hack the system
  • Share knowledge

"The unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates.


I've written a series of books about my travel experiences

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